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Problems with Napster Mobile

Mobile music players require a memory card.
Mobile music players require a memory card.
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Perhaps the biggest problem with Napster Mobile is that its functions are so closely tied to the wireless carrier you choose. Downloading music from Napster can only be done on some carriers' phones, and downloading songs from your cell phone to your PC depends on your carrier's plan.

Even at that, you can't transfer a song directly from your phone to your PC. Some carriers give you the option of having them send a song by phone as an e-mail attachment to your PC, while others allow you to buy the song and then you e-mail it to your PC. Either way, there's no direct phone-to-PC transfer [source: Napster Mobile].

Here are some other problems you may encounter along with possible solutions:

  • Inadequate storage for songs on your cell phone -- Get a memory card, or if you already have one, move up to one with more storage space.
  • Can't access songs bought with Napster Mobile on my PC -- To do that, you have to register with Napster, which just means going to Napster) and providing a user name, password and e-mail address.
  • Can't play iTunes tracks with Napster Mobile -- Each music provider uses different digital rights management (DRM) technology to protect the music's copyright and to prevent illegal distribution. Napster Mobile and iTunes use different, incompatible systems, so you won't be able to hear your iTunes tracks.

Napster and Ericsson have already begun to tap the burgeoning mobile music market with Napster Mobile. With an agreement with AT&T, the companies expected to make Napster Mobile available to 12 million AT&T phone users by summer 2008. Through separate agreements in early 2008, Napster and Ericsson made Napster Mobile available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Chile and Italy, expanding its reach by millions of customers. And as Napster Mobile's geographic boundaries expand, its features and offerings are likely to grow, too [sources:, CNN, Ericsson and TMCNet].

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