10 iPad Apps for Personal Productivity


Sort Shots

The rise of digital photography means that our vacation pics can number in the thousands. Sorting through that many snapshots -- much less sharing them with friends and family -- can be so daunting that it never gets done at all.

Fortunately, there are a number of iPad apps devoted to the organization and dissemination of digital photos. Sort Shots ($5.99 at the app store) offers a wide variety of features to help get your pictures in order. For example, you can tag your photos with keywords, either individually or in groups. If you're already using photo management software on your home computer, Sort Shots can import many of the ratings and keywords from those programs. (Check here for a list of compatible photo editing software.) Then, once you've sorted, tagged and rated your pics to your heart's content, Sort Shots lets you export them to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and Flickr; you can even make a slideshow of your pictures using music from your tablet's library [source: Pad Gadget].