10 iPad Apps for Teaching Kids to Read



The iBook app opens the way to downloading hundreds of books.
The iBook app opens the way to downloading hundreds of books.
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iBook is a free app that allows you to download and read books from the iBookstore, which features everything from contemporary bestsellers to classics. Although this is a free app, some of the books available for download require a fee.

To use the app, first download a book from the iBookstore. Then tap the book to open it, and flip through pages with a tap or swipe. You also can bookmark pages, add notes to passages, change font sizes and select from six typesettings. Before you download a book, you can read a sample selection.

The latest version of the iBook is particularly great for children because it offers a read-aloud feature in which a narrator reads the book to you. For some books, the screen highlights words as you read along.

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