10 Noise-free iPad Games

Doodle Jump

"Doodle Jump" by Lima Sky is only $0.99 and can be played on all Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). On the iPad specifically, though, the larger, higher-quality screen brings out visual details that are often overlooked on smaller devices.

The premise of "Doodle Jump" is simple: Guide the animated flute-nosed creature up, up and up some more! You can do this by tilting the iPad back and forth to move him left and right, and to position him above ledges where he can bounce safely throughout his continued upward journey. Helpful tools can make him go faster, but be cautious of obstacles which can bring his journey to an end.

If you leave the sound active for "Doodle Jump," you'll find that it's very basic. It includes the sound effects produced when the doodle character bounces or hits things. When the doodle misses a bounce, you'll also hear the slide whistle sound often used as a sound effect in animated videos when something is falling. Game settings include a simple on-off toggle for these effects, and you might discover a noise-free "Doodle Jump" experience to be even better than having sound effects.

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