10 Noise-free iPad Games


Poker by Zynga

Card games have long been popular for passing the time. Whether you're playing solitaire or a competitive match with friends, most card games don't require a lot of verbal interaction. Electronic card games, like those available for the iPad, replace even those few verbal exchanges with quiet button clicks.

"Poker" by Zynga is one such game. Instead of telling other players that you see a bet of 20 and raise by 10, you simply click the raise option on the screen and select the amount to raise. You can interact with the cards and chips on the screen as if you were sitting at a real poker table, and you can see what choices other players are making as if watching from across a real table.

Like many other Zynga games, "Poker" is tied into Facebook user accounts. You can play with Facebook friends, and you can exchange chips and other in-game gifts with friends through your Facebook connection. Though Zynga "Poker" is free, there is an in-game currency called a chip that you can purchase using real currency. Chip prices range from $0.99 for a 90K chip stack to $99.99 for a 45M chip stack.

Card games aren't the only table-top entertainment made for noise-free iPad fun. Our next game is a tribute to a popular board game.