10 Noise-free iPad Games


Battle Dots

Dots is a classic children's game where players take turns connecting dots on a grid in hopes of eventually claiming the most squares on the game board. "Battle Dots" for iPad turns that paper-and-pencil game into an eye-popping touch-screen experience.

"Battle Dots," created by A Mister Game, costs $0.99 via the iTunes store. You can play a "Battle Dots" match against the computer, choosing one of three levels of difficulty. You can also play with up to three other players on the same iPad or over WiFi or Bluetooth connections to other iPads. In addition, you can adjust the grid size for your game from four to 100 blocks.

So far, our noise-free iPad games have been electronic versions of non-electronic games. Next, let's begin the journey into games that exemplify the electronic age.