10 Noise-free iPad Games


Fruit Ninja HD

"Fruit Ninja" by Halfbrick Studios took the world by storm as a game for iPhone and Android mobile devices. It's a simple concept: Fruit is tossed onto the screen, and you must slash through it by swiping your finger across the screen before it falls back out of view again. You earn points for the fruit you slash, and bonuses for catching multiple fruits with a single swipe. Some rounds add the challenge of avoiding bombs that are tossed up with the fruit.

At $2.99, "Fruit Ninja HD" for iPad has sharper graphics than the iPhone version, plus support for slashing at the airborne fruit using up to eight fingers simultaneously. In terms of sound during game play, you can hear the fruit being launched a fraction of a second before you see it on screen, which might appeal to some players. However, the launching sound is very quiet compared to other sound effects, and it's quickly drowned out with the sounds of slicing and dicing the fruit. Thus, if you ever need to play "Fruit Ninja" noise-free, it'll probably just sharpen your reaction time rather than detract from the game. Look for options to turn off background music and sound effects separately in the app.

The next game on our list has won several awards, and it's great to play noise-free.