5 Essential iPad Accessories


Charge Adapters

The iPad and iPad 2 come with two charging options right out of the box: You can charge them using the included wall adapter, or you can plug in and charge directly through your computer, though at a slightly slower charge rate. But given the mobility of the iPad, it makes sense to add at least one more charge adapter to your bag of accessories.

A charge adapter that plugs into your car's 12-volt power outlet give you the ability to charge your iPad at one time when you're not likely to be using it: while driving. A range of available adapters can provide the required 1.2 amps of electricity to charge your iPad safely, and some offer the ability to simultaneously charge your iPhone or other smart mobile device [source: Salton].

Thanks to these essential devices, your driving time between client meetings or to and from the office can now serve a double purpose: You can make use of that time to charge your iPad, keeping you fully mobile when you get to your destination.