5 Tips for iPad 2 Multitasking

A customer looks at the new iPad 2 at an Apple Store in San Francisco, Calif.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When Apple's original iPad tablet computer came out in 2010, critics didn't find many things to critique about the elegant device. But two of the few faults they could find seemed pretty major: It couldn't play Flash, the dominant format for online video; and it couldn't multitask, or allow a user to run multiple programs at once to be more efficient.

Combined, these two deficiencies lent credence to the argument that the iPad was just a novelty -- more toy than serious computing tool.

With the iPad 2, released in March 2011, Apple listened to at least one of those complaints. One of the main selling points of the second-generation device is that now, similar to a full-sized personal computer, you can multitask. If you wish to toggle back and forth between being productive in iWork and rewarding your industry every few minutes by playing a level of Plants vs. Zombies, you can now do so, tablet memory permitting, without shutting down either application.

In this article we'll explore five ways of getting more out of the multitask feature on the iPad 2. So put on your jeans, your sneaks, and of course your black mock turtleneck, and learn why several open programs are so much cooler (and perhaps even more productive) than one.