5 Tips for iPad 2 Multitasking


Multitasking on the iPad 2

Apple introduced multitasking on its mobile operating system with version 4.2 of the iOS operating system in late 2010. It was practically inevitable that the feature would be included in the next-generation iPad the following year.

The mechanics of multitasking on an iPad 2 are fairly straightforward. Simply double-tap the iPad's "Home" button to see a list of recently used applications and select the one to which you'd like to switch.

The number of applications you'll see depends on the iPad's orientation at the moment -- in "portrait" mode, where the screen is vertical, it will fit six application icons on the Multitask Bar. In "landscape" mode, with the screen laid out horizontally, you'll see up to seven icons.

To completely close out of a program and remove it from the Multitask Bar is simple as well. Just press down on an app while the Multitask Bar is visible and hold it until the applications begin to wiggle. Tap the miniature "-" sign on the application(s) you wish to close.

Many old-time Apple users have been taught to close out of applications when they're not in use -- it frees up system resources and is just the orderly thing to do. But for some good reasons why you'd want to use the multitasking feature, click to the next page.