How Archos Tablets Work

Archos Tablet Specs

"Entertainment your way" is the tagline on the Archos Web site, and alongside its selection of tablets, Archos sells close to 20 different MP3/MP4 players and two e-readers. Its tablets are broken down into several categories: Android tablets, PC tablets and Android players, also called Internet tablets or mini tablets.

In the fall of 2011, Archos will launch its Android G9 tablets, the Archos 80 G9, 8-inch tablet and the Archos 101, a 10.1-inch tablet. Both will have Android Honeycomb 3.2. operating systems and 16 to 250 GB of memory. Products available as of this writing were priced at just below $100 and up to $499.99 and include the following:
  • Archos 101 -- 10.1-inch tablet with Android Froyo 2.2 OS and 8 or 16 GB
  • Archos 70 -- 7-inch tablet with Android Froyo 2.2 OS and 8 GB
  • Archos 28 -- 2.8-inch tablet with Android Froyo 2.2 OS and 4 or 8 GB
  • Archos 32 -- 3.2-inch tablet with Android Froyo 2.2 OS and 8 GB
  • Archos 43 -- 4.3-inch tablet with Android Froyo 2.2 OS and 8 or 16 GB
  • Archos 48 -- 4.8-inch tablet with Android 1.6 Donut OS and 256 MB
  • Archos 7C Home tablet -- 7-inch with Android 2.1 Eclair OS and 8 GB
  • Archos 9PC tablet -- 9-inch with Windows 7 Starter OS and 32 or 60 GB

Although Archos got its start in entertainment-based media, its tablets are marketed for playing media and for home PC use, as well as for business support. And its next-big-thing G9 tablets offer just about everything a tablet user could ask for, plus the improved usability of the Android 3.2 OS and an enormous amount of memory -- up to 250 GB in a hard drive format, in addition to internal flash memory, for some.

Archos tablets offer Wi-Fi (802.11), Bluetooth connectivity, touch screens, capabilities for video, e-reading, music, photos, movies and Internet surfing, and many offer expandable memory card options, cameras, USB ports, Web cams and HDMI output. In terms of weight, the palm-sized or mini tablets weigh as little as 2.4 ounces (.07 kilograms) and the Archos 101 10.1-inch Internet Tablet is 1.06 pounds (0.48 kilograms). For comparison, the iPad 2 weighs in at about 1.34 pounds (.6 kilograms) [source: Archos, Apple Inc.].

Archos tablets also can handle Adobe Flash (up to 10.3 as of this writing) and several come with options for adding a 3G module or stick, so users can run either Wi-Fi or 3G without choosing one or the other exclusively. Battery life for the tablets is strong, with specs given per use. For example the Archos 101 and Archos 80 G9 tablets show memory times of up to 10 hours for Web surfing, up to 36 hours for music playback and up to 7 hours for video [source: Archos].

With all of its memory and capability, are there many compatible and available applications?

We'll look at apps and accessories next.