How Craig Tablets Work

By: Terri Briseno

What Users Say About Craig Tablets

We'll get this out of the way upfront: We searched for reviews of Craig tablets from some of the most trusted online tech magazines, but came up pretty much empty. Consumer buzz on tech forums and in retail comments were mixed, with some users voicing concerns about hardware and capabilities to run multimedia, and others giving high marks for everyday e-mail and social media use.

There also were reports from some Craig tablet users about issues with video streaming, overall battery life and movie downloads, as well as with the tablets' abilities to maintain a multimedia function once it's going.


If we have to point out a big red flag to readers, it's that we were only able confirm a few places where the tablets are actually sold. The Craig Web site doesn't provide any information on retail locations where they are available for purchase (or recommended retail prices, as we mentioned previously). However, a customer service representative with the company gave us 10 different retailers where the tablets were supposed to be available for sale, but we could only confirm a few that stocked them.

So while there may be many pros and cons to buying a budget tablet, you need to be sure you match your needs to the device you are purchasing. If you're choosing a tablet purely for e-mail, reading eBooks and using simple apps, Craig may be one of many options to consider. Just decide if the battery life and reliability as reported by users is worth your investment -- even for a tablet at such a low price point.

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