How EvoMax Tablets Work

EvoMax Tablet Specs

EvoMax is an Android tablet, which means that it can run any app available in the Android Market. The question is: How fast it will run those apps? That's where hardware comes in.

With 256MB or 512MB of RAM on the two 7-inch (17.78 centimeter) models and 512MB on the 10.2 inch (25.9 centimeter) one, the EvoMax is not going to load your apps with lightning speed [source: Est] . Compare that to the Google Nexus 7, which at $200 to $250 "embodies the moment when tablet buyers no longer have to compromise performance for price," according to CNET. The Nexus 7 has 1GB, which is twice the memory of the higher-end EvoMax [source: Franklin]. That doesn't mean the EvoMax won't work; it just means that patience is a virtue with this tablet.

Memory is important for speed of processing data, but you also want to consider the storage size when you're shopping for a tablet, especially if you plan to use it to hold your music, photos, and videos. The EvoMax comes with 2GB of storage, which is pretty low. Most tablets start at 16GB of storage, and some have as much as 64GB [source: Haber]. You can upgrade the EvoMax's storage capacity to a respectable 34GB, which is a $45 upgrade if you do it when you buy through the website [source: EvoMax].

As we said earlier, the EvoMax comes in two different screen sizes: 7 inch and 10.2 inch. If you opt for the 7 inch, you can choose between a resistive and a capacitive touch screen. A capacitive screen is faster and responds to fingertouch, but if you think you're going to use a stylus on your tablet, you may be better off going with the resistive screen [source: Doku]. The 10.2 inch only comes with a resistive screen which tends to be less expensive to manufacture than a capacitive screen.

The other important thing to consider with the EvoMax tablet is battery life. If you're used to your cell phone, which keeps its charge all day, you might be in for a bit of a rude awakening with the EvoMax. According to the company's FAQ, the EvoMax battery life is around two to four hours, and like all electronics that battery life is going to decline over time.