How the FileMate Identity Tablet Works

FileMate Identity Tablet Features

In keeping with smartphone-style Android interfaces, Identity is laid out with physical home, menu and back buttons set flush along the bottom bezel. Unfortunately, the buttons aren't backlit. A USB-mini B-type port means that your micro-USB charger kit will not go to waste. Unlike some competitor tablets on the market, Wintec hasn't inflicted another proprietary port on you.

Flanking the USB port on one short side are two internal stereo speakers. The remaining slots lie along the opposite edge behind a sleek access panel. They include a full-sized SD slot, which should be a pleasant surprise for anyone who needs to quickly view or edit photos (it's also a clever move for a company that makes memory cards). Of course, you can also use the 3-megapixel camera (with zoom) to satisfy your photographic and video needs, although it lacks an onboard flash, and the back-facing camera might interfere with your Skype sessions or Google+ hangouts.

A mini HDMI port for streaming video to your television further underscores this tablet's audiovisual emphasis, as does its Convergence One app, which enables the device to connect wirelessly to any DNLA-enabled electronics [source: Kendrick]. DLNA, or Digital Living Network Alliance, is a network communication standard that enables compliant devices -- such as home networks and entertainments systems, including Apple AirPlay and Samsung AllShare Play -- to talk to one another.

The tablet comes standard with the usual lineup of internal compass and three-axis accelerometer as well as a WiFi and Bluetooth module.

Don't expect too much in the way of onboard software. Of course, some people just prefer stock computers; it's one way to avoid "bloatware" -- the useless applications that come preloaded on devices and waste space and memory. Then again, unlike many tablets, Identity comes fully registered with Google, so accessing Android Market and Google apps should be a snap. The tablet also comes preloaded with Google Search, Google Map, G-mail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Android Market and YouTube.

The nonremovable lithium ion battery should provide reasonable battery life. Wintec advertises four hours of battery life on video playback and, depending on which page of the product Web site you check, either 120 or 500 hours on standby. One reviewer's testing found that Identity exceeded the former estimate by an hour and approached 121 hours on standby [source: McAffee].

The Identity tablet ships with a miniUSB to USB cable, power supply and cord, storage pouch, cleaning cloth, earphones, quick start guide and a CD-ROM with user manual and installation instructions. Despite several retailers listed on the company Web site, as of July 2012, we could only find a few Identity tablets for sale on Amazon and eBay.