How Pandigital Tablets Work

Author's Note

The train to Tablet Town left without me. I have a smartphone, one to which I'm becoming more and more tethered by the day, incessantly fiddling with it to check e-mail, look at sports scores and stalk "friends" via various social media. I also have a laptop, which I used to write this very article. What remains unclear, however, is why I need a tablet. It does just about everything a smartphone does, but is six or seven times the size of my iPhone, making it more of a hassle to carry around. In other words, it's like those huge mobile phones from early 90s movies: anyone who looks at them now wonders how the heck people carried those things without a suitcase. On the other hand, tablets are certainly more mobile than laptops, but that is in part because laptops pack more punch: you know, I could actually write this article on a laptop and store more stuff in it. Why then are tech savvy folks flocking to the tablet? Like the meaning of life, the location of the fountain of youth and the reason why Joe Buck is still on television, this, my friends, is a question for the ages.

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