How the Polaroid Tablet Works

Author's Note

I've been using an iPhone for several years now, but I only recently purchased an iPad 2, which I mostly use as a book and magazine reader, and to watch streaming video from YouTube and NetFlix. I have mixed feelings about it. Tablets to me are sort of a strange hybrid animal, not quite as portable as a phone, and not quite as powerful or capable as a laptop computer. Additionally, while I remember being excited as I discovered all the computerlike things I could do on my phone, the tablet's larger form seems mostly irksome, because it reminds me of all the stuff I want to do with it, but can't. Multitasking, for example, isn't really possible with full-screen apps, and typing on a touchscreen is an exercise in frustration. I think I won't be totally satisfied until I have a mobile device that uses holograms to create a three-dimensional workspace around me that I can manipulate with gestures and natural-language voice commands, akin to what Tony Stark has at his disposal in "The Avengers." I have a sinking feeling, though, that when such a wondrous gadget finally hits the market, I won't be able to afford it any more than I could a wearable flying robot.

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