How the Sylvania Tablet Works

Sylvania Tablet Features

The Sylvania tablet has some basic features that make it suitable for on-the-go planning and fun. Pre-installed applications include e-mail, a file manager, an alarm clock, a calculator, YouTube, a PDF reader, Kobo (an e-reader) and voice memos. You also get several pre-installed widgets, like a calendar, a music player, a photo gallery and a weather program [source: Sylvania 7" User Guide; Sylvania 10" User Guide].

Since the Sylvania uses the Android operating system, you can choose from thousands of great Android-based apps to download from the Web and use on the tablet. Apps are just cool applications -- tools, games and other software that give your device more functionality. Not all apps work on tablets, especially if they're meant to be used solely with smartphones, but you still have a huge number to choose from, like Angry Birds, a budget calculator and even Facebook Messenger (these three alone account for hours of entertainment).

All three sizes of the Sylvania tablet have a sensor in them to rotate the display from portrait to landscape view as you turn the device. This is a great feature for playing games because some games only work in one orientation or the other, and a few games even use this sensor as part of the game-playing experience.

And of course there's the Internet -- and what's more entertaining than a few hours surfing the Web? With the Sylvania tablet, you can use WiFi or Ethernet to get connected. Once you're connected you can download a new Texas hold 'em poker game, check out the latest Brandon Sanderson title on e-book, catch up with friends through e-mail and watch a trailer for the latest movie blockbuster on YouTube. Not bad for a $200 tablet, don't you think?

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