How the Sylvania Tablet Works

Author's Note

I've always been a bit of a tablet naysayer, so to speak. I need a computer to function, and tablets just don't offer all that a computer can do. "Plus," I thought, "Isn't a tablet just a big smartphone that doesn't make phone calls?"

Then a few weeks ago I spent some time with my 3- and 4-year-old niece and nephew and got to see first hand how awesome tablets can be. The games were engaging and exciting, and the ability to literally touch the things on the screen they wanted to move completely made sense to them. Not only did a tablet keep them entertained for hours (pfew!), they interacted with it so naturally and intuitively you'd almost think that society never developed such archaic devices as a mouse or a video game controller. I finally got it -- this is how we connect with things now. This is how we access the Internet, play games and communicate with one another, isn't it? My young niece and nephew sure think so, and they probably always will.

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