How Velocity Cruz Tablets Work

Design and Usability of the Velocity Cruz Tablet

The Cruz T103 has 1 GB of built-in storage and includes both 4GB and 8GB secure digital memory cards for additional storage.
The Cruz T103 has 1 GB of built-in storage and includes both 4GB and 8GB secure digital memory cards for additional storage.
Image courtesy of Velocity Micro

In taking a first look at Cruz tablets or other 7-inch tablet models, the difference in size next to a 10-inch model like the iPad is noticeable. Having a smaller screen does affect readability and navigation, but for many who are fluent on tiny smartphones and notebooks, it might not be an issue. For some, the 7-inch size is preferable as long as the screen is user-friendly and easy on the eyes. Cruz tablets provide a pretty typical sort of paperback quality read both in size and resolution and as an e-reader its price point could be the deciding factor among similar tablets.

Velocity Cruz tablets also feature capacitive touch-screen displays that are meant for finger navigation only and can't be used with stylus or pen accessories. Capacitive screens respond to the electric charge of skin on display contact and how the pressure measures across the surface and beneath, leading to navigation at the software level. Screen layout is straightforward, and Cruz tablets come with an app called ASTRO that helps customize file management and app access. As with any tablet, whether or not you can use the device for typing long documents or messages depends a lot on the comfort and speed of the user in adapting to the much smaller on-screen keyboard and sensitivity of keystrokes.

Specialty tech reviewers have taken a look at Velocity Cruz tablets and many consider them a solid choice among tablets, even if they aren't in the five-star, jaw-dropping bells and whistles category. Purchasing a tablet whether to replace or supplement the machines you already have means making a decision within a price range of several hundreds of dollars from high-end to low-end, and Velocity Cruz tablets, at the low-end in price, offer a lot within the tablet space. Being realistic about the differences in a $149 versus a $699 device and how much bang you need for your buck will help narrow the choices, and taking a test touch or touch drive at a retailer can give you a feel for the design and velocity of the Cruz tablet.

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