How Yahoo Mobile Internet Works

Yahoo Go with Widgets

Yahoo Go lets users access e-mail from their cell phone.
Yahoo Go lets users access e-mail from their cell phone.
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Accessing Yahoo Go is easy. Start by seeing if the program comes on your cell phone. If not, see if it's downloadable for your model by checking the phone list at Yahoo Mobile. Yahoo Go 2.0 is currently available for more models than Yahoo Go 3.0.

Then be sure you have enough memory. Downloading Yahoo Go 3.0 requires 1 Megabyte (MB) of available memory -- plus mobile Internet settings and a data plan with a wireless network carrier. While Yahoo Go is free, you'll need to pay your carrier's charges for the time and data you use, particularly when downloading large data items like photos and mail attachments.

Now, you're ready to get started. Type in your phone's browser or, from a computer, have a link sent to your phone from Yahoo Mobile and enter your mobile number. When the download starts, Yahoo will check the make and model list to be sure which version works on your phone.

If you plan to use Yahoo Go functions on an iPhone, check Yahoo Mobile for information. And for expanded services with Yahoo Go 2.0 or 3.0, go to Yahoo and register as a Yahoo user.

Here are some Yahoo Mobile services that you can connect to your mobile device with Yahoo Go, including widgets and others available only with Yahoo Go 3.0. A carousel of these icons appears on the screen of your mobile device.

  • Yahoo Mail -- Provides access to your Yahoo inbox, and lets you compose and reply to e-mail, as well as delete and search it and report spam. It also allows you to send and receive attachments, and it coordinates addresses on the mobile device and in your Yahoo Address Book.
  • Local & Maps -- Searches for and gives information, Web links and images for locations or businesses; includes city guide, goods and services listings, driving directions and traffic information.
  • Calendar -- Shows events by day, week or agenda (most current first) and can be updated from the mobile device.
  • Address Book -- Search for contacts, get driving directions and address messages. It can be updated from the mobile device.
  • News, Sports, Finance and Entertainment -- Each with its own icon, these offer previews of top articles. Select "Open" to go to searches and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds of other information you've selected, such as sports scores, stock quotes and movie reviews.
  • Weather -- Gives at-a-glance weather details for a chosen location, including five-day forecast and allows search for weather anywhere.
  • Flickr -- Use to manage, upload and share digital photos and other JEPG images.
  • oneSearch -- Use to search online for information and images. Results show as a list of items grouped under headings such as photos, news articles and Web images.
  • Widgets (Yahoo Go 3.0) -- With its Home Widget page, Yahoo Go 3.0 lets you choose among widgets, or mini-applications, from the services listed above. You also can visit the Widget Gallery (scroll left to the gears icon and hit "Open") to download widgets with other functions from outside companies such as MySpace, eBay and MTV News.
  • oneConnect (Yahoo Go 3.0, coming mid-2008) -- Combines instant messaging and text messaging across services by accessing user's connected address books from networks like Facebook and MySpace.
  • onePlace (Yahoo Go 3.0, coming mid-2008) -- Creates bookmarks to Web pages so Web content can be organized and accessed quickly.

Next, let's see how you can use oneSearch, one of Yahoo Go's most popular features, to find the information you need.