How Yahoo Mobile Internet Works

Yahoo oneSearch

With Yahoo's oneSearch, users can look for information like flight times.
With Yahoo's oneSearch, users can look for information like flight times.
Image courtesy of Yahoo

Yahoo oneSearch is the feature of Yahoo Go that lets you find information and images from the Internet. This Yahoo Mobile feature displays search resultsĀ as an itemized list sorted by type with headings for the different results. For example, news articles would appear in a cluster under one heading, photos under another heading and Web sites under yet another.

Here's how to use this Yahoo Mobile Internet feature on your cell phone.

  1. Type your search terms in the box at the top of the Yahoo Mobile home page, and choose oneSearch. Depending on the terms you use, you can get results such as flight information, locations or images.
  2. The results will show up on the display as a list of headings or results. If you make a mistake in typing or no result is found, a heading may be titled 'Did you mean:" and include a list of alternatives to what you typed.
  3. Use skip to navigate quickly from heading to heading in the list. Click on the heading you want to open.
  4. Within the cluster under a heading, scroll up and down to highlight an item. Then choose "Select" to open the item. Some types of clusters, such as Web images, show their items horizontally, so you may need to scroll from side to side in addition to up and down to find the item you want.
  5. To return to the results list, click on "Back."
  6. If the word "More" appears as a link at the cluster's bottom, you can click on that link to open a larger list.
  7. To refine your search, scroll to the Search heading, provide more search terms, and choose oneSearch again. Some versions show a group of links for related searches to help you refine your search.

In some areas, you can combine oneSearch with Yahoo Local to get information about nearby businesses and places. Here's how to use this:

  1. Type your search term in the box at the top of the home page. Describe something you want to find nearby, like pizza, and choose oneSearch.
  2. Look in the search results for a heading labeled "Nearby" with a location after it. Below the heading, you'll find locations with addresses, phone numbers and other information.
  3. To search another location besides where you are, choose "Change location," provide another city name and choose "Change location" again.

Yahoo Go's oneSearch also offers Safe Search, which protects you from receiving links to explicit content and images. To turn Safe Search on, scroll to the end of a list of search results. Then choose "Safe Search is: Off" and following the instructions that appear.

Yahoo Go 3.0 offers new features that are still being developed. More widgets are being added, and functionality is being expanded to more models of cell phones. Two features expected to be available in mid-2008 are oneConnect and onePlace. Keep reading to learn more about them.