Ultimate Computer Hardware Videos
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Computer Tour
Have you ever wondered what is on the inside of your computer? Watch this video from HowStuffWorks as we take you on a tour of your computer.
Episode 22: Understanding Drivers
In episode 22, Andy and Sean talk about the importance of drivers, what they are, and how updates can keep your computer running smoothly.
Episode 49 - Core 2 Demystified
Watch this video about Core 2 Duo processors on HowStuffWorks. Andy and Sean from discuss why the new Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessors are so great. Learn how the Core 2 Duo microprocessors work in this video from LabRats.tv
How to Add RAM to a Laptop
Upgrading your laptop can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Add RAM to your laptop with the help of this HowStuffWorks video.
How to Install a Graphics Card
The graphics card enables your computer to play games and movies. In this HowStuffWorks video you'll learn how to install a graphics card yourself.
How to Install RAM to a Desktop Computer
Everyone wants more RAM in their computer, but it can be a frightening task. This video from HowStuffWorks will show you how to install RAM into your computer.
It's All Geek to Me: Laptop Battery Life
David Pogue shows tricks for squeezing the maximum juice out of your laptop battery. Learn more about laptops in this video.