6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Computer Cool Without Using Electricity

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Keeping your computer cool is important to its well-being and longevity. I only mention this, because the heat is on, not in some cheesy Glenn Frey way. It's actually getting hotter as the Earth rotates us into summer.

As the temperature rises, your computer might be feeling the sting. Maybe you can hear its little fan chugging away. Your computer might even be hot to the touch. How can we cool our computers without adding more strain to our often overtaxed energy grid?


5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Computer Cool Without Using Electricity

1: Clean Your Computer

Your fan will work better if it is clean. It's just a good idea to clean your computer regularly with a reusable brush or a rag lightly dampened by rubbing alcohol. It'll extend the life of your machine. Stay away from canned air.


2: Cut the Clutter

If you have a messy desk, I won't judge you, but you need to clear all those papers and envelopes away from your from your computer's exhaust port.


3: Relocate Your Computer

Move your computer if it is in direct sunlight. Also, if your computer is up against a wall, move it a few inches away from the wall to allow for some air flow.


4: Keep Furry Pets Out of the Office

Pet hair can get into your computer and clog up the fan. Keep pets out of your office, turtles are the obvious exception.


5: Don't Remove the Case

Some people remove the case in order to make the computer cooler. It doesn't seem to have much of an effect unless you are running a fan over the open case.


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