How to Connect AirPods to a PC

By: Jeremy Glass  | 
AirPods are an Apple product, but you can still connect them to you PC. Apple

Apple and Windows used mix as well as, well, oil and vinegar. Now, their relationship is a bit less contentious — think more along the lines of Buffalo wings and ranch dressing.

What we're trying to say is, no matter which computer brand you prefer, Apple makes pairing its devices with non-Apple products a breeze. That's good news for those who love AirPods and just can't quit their PCs. Here's how you can connect the two in five fast steps.


How to Connect AirPods to Your PC

  1. On your PC, go to Settings and select Devices from the main menu.
  2. At the top of the Bluetooth & Other devices page, toggle Bluetooth to On.
  3. Next, click Add Bluetooth or other device at the top of the page, and when the Add a Device window pops up, click the Bluetooth option.
  4. Now with your AirPods in their case and the lid open, press and hold the button on the back of the case until you see them show up in the Add a Device window.
  5. Click your AirPods to pair and connect.

That's it. You did it. If you can't find your device in the discoverable devices list, try closing your AirPods case and holding the button again.

AirPods to PC
You'll connect your AirPods to your PC in the Settings section of the main menu of the computer.