Other Computer Peripherals

The Other Peripherals section explores more add-ons and fundamentals for your computer, such as webcams, sound cards and brain-computer interfaces. Explore other peripherals and add-ons for your computer, such as webcams, sound cards and brain-computer interfaces.


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IBM Just Unveiled Its Own Bespoke Typeface

For the first time, technology giant IBM has created its very own typeface, IBM Plex.

How to Move Pictures from a Memory Card to a Laptop

You'd like to learn how to move your pictures from a memory card to a laptop. Learn about how to move pictures from a memory card to a laptop in this article.

How will humans interface with computers in the future?

Computers are growing increasingly sophisticated, but in most cases, we interact with them with the same tools we've been using for decades. Can engineers come up with better ways to interface with machines?

How Thought-Controlled Wheelchairs Work

In the not-too-distant future, disabled people could be able to control a motorized wheelchair, the Audeo, with only their thoughts. How could the same technology also restore speech to people who are unable to talk?

How Brain-computer Interfaces Work

Imagine being able to transmit signals that would allow a blind person to see directly into his or her brain. For severely disabled people, the brain-computer interface could be the most important technological breakthrough in decades.

How Webcams Work

Webcam shots range from the silly to the serious -- a Webcam might point at a television or a space shuttle launch pad. There are business cams, personal cams, private cams, traffic cams ... You name it and there's probably a Webcam pointed at it.