How Elumens Vision Station Works

VisionStation Uses

Special thanks to Elumens
Special thanks to Elumens

With a cost of $19,995 for the basic system, the VisionStation is not targeted for the casual user or game player. It is intended for use in fields such as:

  • Training aid/simulation - Many companies and government agencies are using the VisionStation to set up simulators that provide a much more comprehensive experience than a standard monitor-based system does.
  • Presentation - The VisionStation provides a wonderful environment for demonstrating a product or process.
  • Architectural Design - Planners and architects can use the VisionStation to ensure that their designs are correct before the first brick is laid.
  • CAD/CAM - Manufacturers such as automakers can preview a design more thoroughly than on a typical flat monitor.
  • Science - Scientists and researchers can create detailed simulations that let them feel like they are part of the process.
  • Entertainment - You may see some VisionStations used to provide an entertaining, immersive experience that you would pay to participate in.

While the current models are too expensive for most home users, the VisionStation does pave the way for a revolution in digital imaging. Over the next few years, you can expect Elumens and other display companies to continue to push the envelope in how we view computer data.

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