Top 5 Niche Social Networks



Kaboodle is a free social network geared toward people who like to shop. Founded in 2005, its mission is to help people recommend, share and discover products. It's different from a regular shopping site because it's not just a list of products. It offers users tools to better organize their shopping as well as find the best prices.

Kaboodle boasts more than 12 million monthly visitors with more than 800,000 registered users. The site doesn't sell anything -- it merely exists to help people to share information and bond over their shared interest in shopping. Users say that the community points them toward items they wouldn't have found on their own [source: Bergstein]. Paid advertising supports the site.

Once registered on Kaboodle, users can set up their own profiles. Then, they can add products from any shopping Web site to their lists. This is a valuable tool because it eliminates the need to maintain several wish lists on different sites. Users can create any sort of shopping list they'd like -- shoes, gifts, handbags, toys. All the lists have a "share" option so that other users can view them. Users are also encouraged to express themselves by compiling "style boards" displaying their favorite looks and fashions. Dozens of blogs and articles highlight hot trends and the latest deals. Users can even set up polls to ask the rest of the community questions ranging from, "What shoes go with this dress?" to "What do you buy the 7-year-old boy who has everything?" The site also provides a feedback mechanism in the form of hearts, where users can "heart" someone else's blog or style board.