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Flixster is a free community site for movie fans. The site provides information on movies currently or soon to be in theaters, actor profiles, fan clubs, celebrity gossip, movie news, video clips and interactive features like forums and user quizzes.

Founded in 2006, Flixster has more than 15 million unique monthly visitors who've provided almost two billion movie ratings [source: Flixster]. Private investors and advertising dollars keep the site in business.

When users create a profile on Flixster, they can rate movies as well as list their favorite actors, movies and videos. They can browse the site to find other users with similar interests. Specialized forums allow users to discuss movies by genre, as well as other subjects -- some related to movies, some not. The site also includes a user-built wiki, which discusses the history of movies. The wiki contains pages on subjects like independent film, comic book-based movies and blockbusters. Users are encouraged to add their own articles to the wiki.

A standout feature on Flixster is its integration with the social networking powerhouse Facebook. Facebook users can add the Flixster application to their profiles and begin rating movies and taking quizzes. Facebook publishes any Flixster activity to the user's feed, which attracts other users to join in. Flixster also offers an application for the iPhone, allowing users to view trailers, rate movies and search for local movie times -- no matter where they are.

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