How Computer Monitors Work

By: Jeff Tyson & Carmen Carmack

Other Technologies

Touch-screen Monitors

Displays with touch-screen technology let you input information or navigate applications by touching the surface of the display. The technology can be implemented through a variety of methods, including infrared sensors, pressure-sensitive resistors or electronic capacitors.

Wireless Monitors

Similar in looks to a tablet PC, wireless monitors use technology such as 802.11b/g to connect to your computer without a cable. Most include buttons and controls for mousing and web surfing, and some also include keyboards. The displays are battery-powered and relatively lightweight. Most also include touch-screen capabilities.


Television and HDTV Integration

Some displays have built-in television tuners that you can use for viewing cable TV on your computer. You can also find displays that accept S-video input directly from a video device. Additional features include picture-in-picture or picture-on-picture capability, a remote control and support for high-definition television (HDTV).