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How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on All Your Devices

Dark mode makes Googling at bedtime easier on the eyes, among other things. Here's how to enable it on all your devices.

What's the Difference Between a Modem and a Router?

In order to understand, and fix, your glitchy home WiFi, it's helpful to know what makes it work. So what's the difference between your modem and your router?

Surge in Ransomware Attacks Exposes U.S. Cyber Vulnerabilities

In the first half of 2021, the number of organizations impacted by ransomware across the globe has more than doubled compared with 2020. Why the surge and how vulnerable is the U.S. to a major cyber attack?

Why You Should Consider Using a Private Search Engine

Private browsers and search engines can shield your sensitive data, ward off third-party ads and trackers, and provide a safer browsing experience.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook dark mode changes your screen to a black background with white lettering, which your eyes will thank you for and your battery won't hate either.

How to Turn on Windows 10 Ransomware Protection

Ransomware and its effects are costing businesses and individuals more than $20 billion a year and the threat is not subsiding as malware agents continue to thrive. So how do you protect yourself and your business?

Poe's Law Explains a Lot About the Modern Internet

It's easy to take online comments out of context. Is it serious, or is it satire? That's where Poe's law (and a winking smiling emoji) comes into play.

Apple AirTags Ensure You Never Lose Your Stuff Again

Apple's AirTag is an inexpensive, quarter-sized gadget that helps you keep track of the things you often lose.

How to Change Your Gmail Password

We're told to change our computer passwords often, but sometimes it can be a hassle to remember how to do it. Here are some easy instructions for changing your Gmail password.

Are They Watching You? Finding Hidden Cameras in Vacation Rentals

One survey said 11 percent of Airbnb guests had found a hidden camera in their rented home. Is this legal? And how can you tell if you're being spied on?

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