Internal Twitter Shakeups
steve jobs

When Steve Jobs appeared at MacWorld, tweet surges crashed Twitter's site.

David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Twitter might be a diverse platform that provides real time information on just about every topic imaginable, but if there is one subject matter that Twitter users love to tweet about, it's Twitter itself. The inadequacy of the service's servers shocked people around the world when Twitter crashed after it was revealed that co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey had joined Ustream's board of advisers [source: Riley]. The announcement was surprising to many, but no one imagined that it would prevent millions of tweets from reaching their destinations for the better part of an hour (which is almost an eternity for a service whose updates are measured by the second). So the next time an internal shake-up among the Twitter bigwigs occurs, or the CEO of MySpace starts moonlighting on Twitter's home page, reconcile yourself to the fact that the only thing your tweets will probably be able to reach for a little while is that famous floating whale.