How to Add Videos to Your iPod

Downloading Videos

Of course, with the different versions of the iPod that are available, there are different options for downloading material.

If you own an iPod Touch, then you're in luck. This incredibly flexible device allows you to access the Internet anywhere you have access to a wireless signal. The ability to go directly online with the iPod Touch opens a new door for videos: Along with watching videos downloaded from your computer's iTunes library, you can pull videos straight off of the Web.

Online video repository YouTube, for example, offers a version of its Web site that's optimized for the iPod Touch. The functionality is similar to that of its computer-oriented counterpart, but it works better on the iPod Touch interface.

Keep in mind, as you're searching for videos to watch, that not all video and streaming video file formats, such as Real or certain versions of QuickTime, are supported by the iPod Touch. Many of today's online videos are encoded in compatible formats, however, so look for videos encoded in H.264 format. And if all else fails, pay a visit to Apple's Web site. The computer giant hosts a wide range of videos and trailers on its pages, all in iPod Touch-compatible formats.

Whether you choose to pull video from your iTunes library or directly off of the Web, your screen-equipped iPod is a powerful tool. There are few other devices on the market that can store, organize and play the kind of data that iPods are designed to handle, and making the most of one puts a wide range of media -- literally -- into the palm of your hand [source: Biersdorfer].

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