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Dark mode makes Googling at bedtime easier on the eyes, among other things. Here's how to enable it on all your devices.

By Jesslyn Shields

Deleting a Gmail account is pretty easy. The hard part is making the decision and deciding what data to download.

By Jeremy Glass

Ever found yourself signed up for a newsletter or paying for travel insurance you didn't want? It's no accident. Websites use 'dark patterns' to get you to do things you hadn't planned on. How do they do that?

By Nathan Chandler


Ever clicked on a web article with a broken link and wondered what was at that link? You can travel back in time and see that old webpage, thanks to the Wayback Machine.

By Nathan Chandler

Some browsers make it easier than others to delete your search history. We've got step-by-step instructions for removing your Google search history from your laptop and mobile devices for all major browsers.

By Nathan Chandler

We always hear about the YouTube clips with millions of views. But what about the ones on the other end of the dial?

By Dave Roos

Growing your online presence is tough when you don't know your audience — that's where analytics comes in handy. Here are 10 sites that will let you put your web traffic data to good use.

By Alison Cooper


It always seems like the enjoyment of surfing the Web is intermittently ruined by Flash plugin crashes. Why does this happen, and how can you stop it?

By Beth Brindle

If you use the internet for any length of time, there's probably lots of information floating around out there about you. How do you find it, and can you delete it?

By Chris Pollette & Bernadette Johnson

If you're wondering what the big deal is about Facebook, you might be tempted to join. How do you become a member?

By Jane McGrath

A lot of online writers make blogging look easy. What if you've got something you want to share with the online community?

By Jane McGrath


Since its 2006 launch, the social media site has become a common tool by which people and businesses connect and share information. For those yet to try it, fear not; use this guide to get started down the Twitter road.

By Chris Opfer

Facebook has over 750 million active users who, on average, share over 30 billion pieces of content per month. It's fun -- and useful -- because so many people and so much information are there. So, how can you get started using Facebook?

By Garth Sundem

Video calling still seems like the stuff of science fiction, but, thanks to technologies like Skype, it's becoming more practical in the real world. So, what's this Skype thing, and how do you use it?

By Shanna Freeman

These days, even the most curmudgeonly soul has a Facebook page, but not every user knows the ins and outs of its features. Take uploading photos, for example. How savvy are you when it comes to sharing pictures with friends and family?

By Nathan Chandler


Pictures are the heart of Facebook, so knowing how to organize and edit them skillfully can only make your social media experience better, right? Get some handy tips on editing pictures on Facebook in this article.

By Nathan Chandler

Facebook fan pages are like anything else on the Internet: easy to do fast and dirty, and more complicated and time-consuming to do right. How can you make a great page to represent your brand, band or other personal mission?

By Jacob Clifton

With all the Internet spying going on out there, it seems like it would be easy to know who's viewing your Facebook profile. Lots of apps promise they can, but can they really?

By Nathan Chandler, Garth Sundem & Chris Opfer

You've just snapped some masterful photographs with your cell phone and are raring to share them with friends and family on Facebook. Don't know how? This article will guide you.

By Nathan Chandler


Playing and sharing music in Facebook takes social networking beyond what words alone can express.

By Stephanie Crawford

Add style and personality to your Twitter page by customizing your background. Your visitors will thank you.

By John Kelly

Although Facebook and Twitter serve different social networking functions, the two sites overlap when it comes to sharing. How can you link the both accounts together?

By Jane McGrath

It's easy to get addicted to a game, and that's certainly true of social games on Facebook. But are they safe to play? And how can you delete them when you're bored with them?

By Karen Kirkpatrick


Your friends can know exactly where you are and what you're doing when you use the Facebook Places feature. But how does it work and what should you watch out for?

By Kim Williamson

Facebook can be a fantastic marketing tool for your business. But what's the best way to set up and manage a Facebook Business page?

By Craig Haggit