10 Places to Find WiFi (So You Don't Eat up Your Data Plan)

Mount Fuji
Climbers hike along a trail to the summit of Mount Fuji, no doubt using some of the wondrous free WiFi. Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Mount Fuji, that instantly recognizable volcanic silhouette, has come to be symbolic of Japan itself. Thousands of paintings and photos depict it, and poems memorialize it. Hundreds of thousands of people climb it every year. And now those climbers can post the experience to Facebook as they go. Yes, Mount Fuji has free WiFi from top to bottom. And for all the available and obvious jokes about social media, the truth is that WiFi-enabling the mountain makes it safer for climbers. They can monitor the weather as they go and make emergency calls even when out of range of cell service.

If you're heading to Fuji for the free WiFi, keep in mind that the mountain is open to hikers only from July 1 through early September. Also, you get free wireless access for just 72 hours after you connect, which should give you plenty of time to get up and back down.

Amazingly, at 12,389 feet (3,776 meters) Fuji's WiFi isn't even the highest in the world. Since 2010, Mount Everest has sported hotspots as high as 17,000 feet (5,181 meters) [source: Griffin]. Does that make it the highest WiFi in the world? It depends on how you define "world."