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Portable computing is increasingly essential. Learn how WiFi, airborne Internet and other mobile technologies work.

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Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, participating in virtual meetings or just browsing the internet, the quality of your WiFi network plays a crucial role in your overall online experience. WiFi signal issues can be frustrating — but luckily, there are multiple tools you can use to improve WiFi coverage.

By Mack Hayden

It's raining and your internet went down. Again. Are the two connected?

By Talon Homer

A dropped or stalled WiFi connection that occurs repeatedly can really mess up your day. If this keeps happening to you, read on for some explanations and solutions.

By Alia Hoyt


In order to understand, and fix, your glitchy home WiFi, it's helpful to know what makes it work. So what's the difference between your modem and your router?

By Jesslyn Shields

Though many text messenger apps are available for download, most Americans still prefer to send a text message via their mobile carrier. Why is that?

By Nathan Chandler

Data plans are precious ... and finite. So knowing where to get your WiFi fix matters. With that said, have you tried a city bus? Or space?

By Oisin Curran

Your wireless network can’t function without an SSID. Learn what SSID stands for in this article.

By Zach Taras


Point-of-sale systems started with the cash register and helped merchants streamline the way they tracked revenues. Now that these systems are going mobile, how are they revolutionizing the way consumers shop?

By John Kelly

You probably already have a wireless Internet card preinstalled in your computer, but what if a WiFi hot spot isn't nearby?

By Jennifer Horton

Mobile broadband services allow you to stay connected to the internet from portable devices. Learn more about mobile broadband services.

By Dave Roos

Portable internet devices come in many different forms with versatile functions. Learn more about portable internet devices in this article.

By Diane Dannenfeldt


Have you ever wanted to use your mobile phone during a flight? Learn how in-flight mobile phone services work in this article.

By Tim Crosby

With mobile ticketing on your cell phone, you'll never have to worry about losing another paper ticket again. Find out more about this cool new technology and how it works.

By Dave Roos

Learn what Microsoft has planned for the Ultra-mobile PC and what is still to come.

By David Strom

Wireless networks, or WiFi hot spots, are one of the most popular methods of internet connection on Earth. They're found in homes, coffee shops, airports and even vehicles. Let's look at the technology that makes WiFi such a reliable choice.

By Marshall Brain & Talon Homer


Imagine using a high-speed wireless Internet connection originating from an aircraft flying over your city. Learn about the airborne Internet and how you might use this technology in the near future.

By Kevin Bonsor

Do you get the shakes when you're offline for more than 10 minutes? The wireless Internet lets you browse Web pages from a cell phone or PDA. Learn about the Wireless Application Protocol that makes it possible to surf on the go.

By Jeff Tyson