What Is Aimster?

With all the recent Napster news in the newspapers and television, the recent availability of Aimster may be of interest to people who want to share files. Aimster leverages the popularity of AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM). Your instant message buddies can help by recommending files without the hassles of e-mail.

Aimster lets you share files only with those you already know and trust — those on your buddy list. It is more manageable and relatively limited compared to Napster. You share files only with those you choose from your AIM buddy list. AIM users do not have to be AOL users.


The Next Killer Application?

Aimster users may not have the legal worries of Napster, since you have more control over your files. All of the reported 50 to 60 million Napster users have access to your files while you are connected to a Napster node. Aimster users can only search or be searched by others who are on their AIM buddy list. Instant file sharing may be the next killer application, allowing people to share their artwork, photos, recipes and other creative items.


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