Computer File Sharing

File sharing is just as it sounds: Allowing access of files and information to others via computers and networks. Take a closer look and learn more about BitTorrent, MP3 files, Napster and others.


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Google Goes Incognito With Vanishing Gmail

Google Confidential Mode allows users to set a detonation date that makes sent emails disappear.

5 Factors That Affect Cloud-based Data Upload and Retrieval

The cloud removes the need to be tethered to a single device when storing and working with data, but it's not without its pitfalls. Here are five things that could slow down your ability to get at your files -- or cut you off completely.

How Data Centers Work

You want your e-mail, streaming video and social media content, and you want it now. And tomorrow, you'll want more. How do data centers handle the ever-increasing demands of our perpetually plugged-in world?

10 Ways to Make the Cloud Work for You

It's vast. It's handy. And it's about time you took advantage of it, perhaps even more than you already do during your daily computing adventures.

10 Things to Do Before You Wipe Your Computer

You may think you got rid of your personal data before you donated your old computer, but how can you be sure without smashing your hard drive? We'll show you how.

How Remote File Access Works

A service that lets you access your files anywhere, anytime and with any device you like, as long as you're connected to the Internet, sounds good right? After all, this is why we invented the Internet: to get, share and collaborate on information.

How does HIPAA compliance affect data sharing?

You may like to think you're the only one with access to your personal medical records, but you're not. Within the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, how do healthcare entities protect your data?

How much data do I have?

Are you constantly surprised by overage charges from your smartphone or tablet data provider? Here are some easy ways to check on your overage and put a limit in place.

How safe is the cloud?

Cloud storage is hot right now and seemingly the answer to the prayers of the person with a laptop, tablet and smartphone who works on the go. But how safe is it really?

How do you know which computer files are legal to share?

You can find almost anything you want on the Internet. But does that mean it's legal to download and share?

5 Signs That Download Site Isn't Legit

That crazy-looking Web site offering a download of a movie still in the theatre could be providing more than illegal viewing. Viruses and malware could be hidden in the files. What are some other signs that a site might not be legit?

10 Signs That Streaming Movie Site Isn't Legit

Streaming movies are a convenient way to catch a flick, but some of those online sites can be iffy, particularly if they offer free movies. We'll show you how to tell a legal site from a sketchy one.

How to Use Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing

If you want to download videos off the Internet, you may want to know how to use peer-to-peer video sharing. Learn how to use peer-to-peer video sharing in this article.

How do you rip a CD using Windows Media Player?

You can copy songs from any CD, or an entire CD to your computer, using Windows Media Player. Learn how to rip a CD using Windows Media Player in this article.

How do you convert an mp3 file to a wav file?

Manage your music as you’d like by converting files to different formats. Learn how to convert an mp3 file to wav file in this article.

How The Pirate Bay Works

File sharing is a controversial and, in many cases, illegal pastime. Sites that track BitTorrent files are already magnets for scrutiny. But with a name like The Pirate Bay, you know the site will get extra attention.

How LimeWire Works

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing system that features music and other media downloads shared between users. Learn about LimeWire in this article.

How Digital Rights Management Works

The digital revolution that has empowered consumers to use digital media in new and innovative ways has also made it nearly impossible for copyright holders to control the distribution of their property. Enter "digital rights management," or DRM.

How BitTorrent Works

Instead of downloading a file in its entirety, BitTorrent gathers pieces of the file you want and transfers them simultaneously from other sources. How does it put the pieces back together?

How Kazaa Works

With unlimited file sharing comes the big question: Should users be granted unrestricted -- and free -- access to copyrighted movies, music and games? Find out how Kazaa has weathered the legal storm so far.

How Gnutella Works

File-sharing allow millions of people to freely trade MP3 and video files on the Internet. Is it legal? How are the files exchanged? Is there a central database? Find out how the file-sharing structure works and see why it makes it difficult for record labels to sue.

What Is Aimster?

As a file-sharing program, Aimster is generally more secure because users have complete control over their files. This AOL program can also hook up with your IM friends.

How File Compression Works

Compression programs can eliminate 50 to 95 percent of file size in seconds, but when you open up the file the data is still there! Learn how compression algorithms cut down on bytes without killing data.

How the Old Napster Worked

While the original Napster got sued out of business, dozens of free file-sharing utilities have popped up to take its place. Find out how the old Napster worked and why it was vulnerable to legal attacks.

How can I burn MP3s from my computer onto CD-Rs?

If you want to play MP3 files in your car and your car has a CD player in it, or if you want to play them on your home stereo, then what you need to do is move your MP3 files onto a CD. Here's how.