How CD Burners Work

Creating Your Own CDs: Software

While CD-Rs can store all sorts of digital information, the most widespread application these days is making music-mix CDs with a computer. If you're new to the world of CD burners, this can seem like a daunting task. But it's actually very simple, once you have the right software and know the general procedure.

If you have already hooked up your CD burner, the first step in making a CD is loading the software you need. This music-management software serves several functions:

  • It converts songs to the correct format for burning.
  • It allows you to arrange the songs for your mix.
  • It controls the encoding process for writing to the CD.

These days, most burners are packaged with one or more music programs, but you can also buy programs or download them over the Internet. You may need separate media applications to handle different elements in the process, but there are some good programs that handle everything (see below). Click here to do a search for software related to burning your own CDs.