How Ethernet Works

Ethernet is a local area technology connected devices in close proximity. See more internet connection pictures. Moodboard / Getty Images

In today's b­usiness world, reliable and efficient access to information has become an important asset in the quest to achieve a competitive advantage. File cabinets and mountains of papers have given way to computers that store and manage information electronically. Coworkers thousands of miles apart can share information instantaneously, just as hundreds of workers in a single location can simultaneously review research data maintained online.

Computer networking technologies are the glue that binds these elements together. The public Internet allows businesses around the world to share information with each other and their customers. The global computer network known as the World Wide Web provides services that let consumers buy books, clothes, and even cars online, or auction those same items off when no longer wanted.


­In this article, we will take a very close look at networking, and in particular the Ethernet networ­king standard, so you can understand the actual mechanics of how all of these computers connect to one another.