How Google Maps for BlackBerry Devices Works

By: Diane Dannenfeldt

Google maps for BlackBerry devices let you search for directions from wherever you are.
Google maps for BlackBerry devices let you search for directions from wherever you are.
Sean Justice/Getty Images

You've just gotten off the plane, which arrived late, and hopped into your rental car. Your client is waiting for you at a restaurant across town, and you're going to be late. You need to double-check directions to the restaurant, check traffic to find the best route and contact the client to apologize for the delay to say you'll be there within a certain time.



While it may sound like you need a combination of maps, radio traffic reports and a phone book, you can check it all by using Google Maps on your BlackBerry device. The success of the actual meeting will be up to you.


With Google Maps for BlackBerry, you can enter your airport car rental location and the restaurant's name to get directions and a Google Map, as well as the restaurant's address and phone number. You can check local traffic and get a map that shows how fast you can expect to travel on major routes (currently available for 30 U.S. metropolitan areas) to estimate your time. And if you don't have the client's cell phone number, you can find the restaurant's number on Google, have the client paged and give him or her your approximate arrival time.


Or let's say your plane arrived early in the morning, and you want a cup of your favorite beverage before meeting your client. Is your favorite coffee shop open, and where's the nearest location? Just drop in the brand name or "coffee shop," and Google Maps will show you where to get your java hit and how to get there. Just use the phone number from Google to give the store a quick call to make sure it's open.


But how easy is it to install Google Maps onto your BlackBerry? With which models is it compatible? And how can you take advantage of its features? Let's start with how easy it is to download Google Maps.