How can hot water cool a supercomputer?

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For me, the most interesting part of learning about the here and now of supercomputing was seeing how scientists are addressing green issues -- cooling, mainframe footprint, etc. -- while continuing to raise the bar on what our computers and networks can do. It was exciting to hear about this latest development along those lines. There's something about the intersection of low- and high-tech solutions that really gets my heart racing. I suppose because I see no reason we shouldn't be developing an outlook that incorporates them both -- a view of "nature" and what's "natural" that includes iPods and homeopathic medicines as well as California redwoods and urban green spaces. We are only as divided from nature and from one another as our language and heritage allow us to be. And I look forward to a time when that distinction between lo- and hi-tech means as little as the low-culture/high-culture divide has come to mean today.

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