How to Remove iTunes Protection

iTunes is a fantastic resource for legally downloading music from the Internet. However, much of the data that you download is protected by a restriction called Digital Rights Management (DRM). This ensures that you can only enjoy your media through iTunes compatible devices. If you want to change devices, the DRM prohibits it [source: Elmer-Dewitt]. However, there are ways to bypass the iTunes protection and play your files on whichever devices you choose. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to remove iTunes protection.

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Create a playlist of your downloaded, purchased tracks in iTunes.

Insert a blank CD into your computer's CD-ROM.

Burn the playlist onto the blank disc. Burning the songs onto a disc will disable the DRM.

Re-upload the songs onto your computer from the burnt disc.

To avoid confusion, delete the original purchased tracks in your iTunes that are protected with DRM [source: Danius Soft].

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In an effort to appease iTunes users who were upset about the DRM status of their media, Apple began to offer the ability to disable the DRM protection. You do this by opening iTunes and clicking on Quick Links, located in the upper right corner. Next, click on Upgrade my Library. This will launch the conversion process. Be aware that there is an added cost for DRM-free files: 30 cents per song, 60 cents per music video and an extra 30% on every album that you've downloaded [source: Elmer-Dewitt].