How to remove vocals from songs on iTunes

People want to remove the vocals from a track so that they can create what is called karaoke. Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning "empty orchestra." Normally you sing along to a sound track that's only music. Sometimes you'll need to use a device to remove the vocalists from the track allowing you to be the singer. Karaoke started in Japan as a light entertainment activity. It caught on in the United States in the 1980s and began to be a feature of bars, where customers performed on stage, singing popular songs to the music played on a karaoke machine [source: Britannica]. Removing vocals from soundtracks can be done by a vocal-remover software program. Usually the vocals are mixed equally in both stereo channels and are easily identifiable. Changing the phase of one channel by 180 degrees will usually eliminate the vocals. However, sometimes not all of the vocals can be removed totally [source: Cnet].

In order to remove the vocals from iTunes you will need to download a software program from the Internet that removes vocals from soundtracks. Some such programs are free, while others require payment.


  1. Log on to or
  2. Select the DupeEliminator for iTunes program, to make sure you download a program specifically for iTunes. If you decide to download the Yogen program, download the Vocal Remover under the Windows desktop heading.
  3. Follow the instructions for downloading the program.
  4. Follow the instructions regarding how to utilize the program in order to remove the vocals [source: Markelsoft, Yogen].