Top 5 Facebook Games


Lil Green Patch

There's really no strategy to Lil Green Patch. You just plant things in your garden and send friends things to plant in theirs, hoping they'll return the favor. Supposedly, for every 10 friends you send a plant, you'll save one square foot of rainforest. The donations are possible through advertising dollars. The more plants you send, the more people you get to sign up and that means more eyes on the ads.

To maintain your Lil Green Patch, you need certain supplies. Of course these are available in the store, where you can make purchases with GreenBucks. You receive GreenBucks every time you tend to a garden. You can also remove plants from your garden and sell them in the Marketplace.

Lil Green Patch is a simple game: Plant flowers and fruit with your friends and save the rainforest at the same time. Lil Green Patch simulates a garden in your profile. As you tend to your garden and help friends tend to theirs, sponsors donate money to the Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program and other reforestation projects. The developers of Lil Green Patch state that, to date, they've saved more than 59,098,167 square feet (5,490,399 square meters) of rainforest on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica [source: Lil Green Patch]. The game has 5.6 million Facebook visitors per month.