Top 5 Facebook Games


Pet Society

Pet Society is another virtual world game, aimed at both kids and adults. With nearly 11 million monthly users, it's a big favorite on Facebook [source: Inside Social Games]. When you first log in to Pet Society, you create a custom pet. You choose how it looks, from its fur color to the color of its eyes. Then you name it and continue on to the game. Your pet has its own house, which you can decorate yourself. As with YoVille, only certain accessories are open to you at first. You unlock fancier items by advancing in the game.

Pet Society measures your pet's wellbeing through levels of health, happiness and hygiene. It's up to you to keep these levels high by feeding your pet and giving it a bath. You can also earn coins by playing with your pet and exchange those coins at the bank to buy cool stuff to keep your pet even happier. Another way to earn coins is by participating in advertiser surveys. If you don't feel like putting in the time, you can purchase coins through PayPal, credit card or even by billing your cell phone.

Your pet can wander the neighborhood and meet up with other pets. To entice friends to join Pet Society, you can reserve houses for them near your own in the neighborhood. You can even keep a photo album of your pet, and share it with others. A running score on the bottom of the Pet Society screen keeps you and your friends apprised of who has the most gold coins.