Top 5 Facebook Games

Texas HoldEm Poker

Boasting more than 12 million monthly users, Texas HoldEm is currently the most popular game on Facebook. The concept is simple -- online poker. What makes it different on Facebook? Again, you can play with your Facebook friends or choose to go up against complete strangers.

Each day when you log in to the game, you get free poker chips to get you started. There are a few ways to get more chips. Obviously, you can win them the old-fashioned way -- in a poker game. But what if you need a whole bunch in a hurry, maybe to join a high-stakes tournament? Here's how Texas HoldEm Poker pulls in revenue. You can earn chips by participating in ad-sponsored activities. For example, taking a survey for a GPS company can earn you 8,000 free chips. Sign up for a trial DirectTV membership and receive a whopping 422,000 chips! You can also purchase chips with real money -- through PayPal, credit card or by billing your cell phone.

Just like any casino, Texas HoldEm Poker makes it easy for you to get money as soon as possible, without leaving the game room. And, just like any casino, there's always someone around looking to scam you. Scammers can trick users into giving away their login information. Then they'll go into that person's account and transfer all their chips to a different account. Facebook lists some tips on being vigilant -- like "never give your login information to anyone, ever."

In May 2009, Facebook's Texas HoldEm Poker announced a contest with an incredible prize -- two trips to the World Series of Poker, the biggest real-life poker tournament in the world.

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