Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Parents

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No, this site isn't a place to discuss tasty breath-freshening candies. Minti is a social networking site for parents to join discussions and offer advice to others in search of the answers to the perpetual questions that come with raising children. Ironically though, Minti was chosen from 40 potential names because of the site's founders' desire for fresh and positive feedback to site surveys.

Minti has more male users than most of the other sites we looked at. The site specializes in providing a forum for parents to share advice and network with parents with similar interests, problems or questions regarding parenting. Here are some of the features you'll find throughout the site:

  • User-generated content (similar to Wikipedia)
  • Social ranking of content
  • User tagging and tag clouds (similar to Flickr)
  • Free blogs
  • User-created sub-groups
  • Personal homepages, friends features and private lounge areas (similar to MySpace)
  • Detailed Question & Answer features (similar to Yahoo Answers)
  • Comprehensive search functionality across all content sources

Members must join the network in order to post blogs and write advice columns. But once you register, you have full access to the site's comprehensive database of user-generated content. If you find something exceptionally useful, you can choose to rank it. In theory, the better content will stand out and all users will benefit from reading those posts.

Pregnancy, baby feeding and options for childcare are all part of Minti. The site is clean and easy to navigate. Its lasting feature -- user-written content -- boasts the intelligence of the site's members and sets Minti apart from many of the other, more gimmicky parenting social networking sites.

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