Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Parents

Café Mom
Café Mom
Café Mom
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Café Mom is a parenting social network site geared toward mothers. As if the name didn't give that away, right? Founded by Andrew Shue -- yes, Billy from the wildly popular TV series Melrose Place -- and Michael Sanchez, Café Mom was launched in 2006 and quickly took the social networking world for women by storm. Within a year of its inception, Café Mom became the most trafficked Web site for women on the Internet [source: Fung].

As its name suggests, Café Mom is a site catering to women with children or wanting to have children. In fact, the site claims to be the largest social networking site for women.

Café Mom has plenty for mothers to do, including participating in polls, asking and answering questions and uploading photos. Like other social networking sites such as Facebook, Café Mom users can create profiles, join user groups and customize pages to express their personalities. You won't find much in the way of dating advice or cocktail recipes, but you will find sound parenting advice and a wholesome environment for moms of all walks of life.

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