Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Parents

Hot Moms Club
Hot Moms Club
Hot Moms Club
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Are you a mom that likes to kick up her heels and live like a socialite in Hollywood? If so, Hot Moms Club may be right up your alley. A bit different than conventional parenting social networking sites, but full of great things for mothers nonetheless, Hot Moms Club is what you get when a parenting site meets TMZ. Unlike most parenting sites, Hot Moms Club is more of a social networking site for women who happen to be mothers rather than a place to connect with other parents.

Instead of droves of expert advice on preparing baby formula, you're more likely to read about how Dane Cook's Isolated Incident Tour went last night or when Billy Ray Cyrus is coming to a town near you. Of course, there are still places to find and share recipes and you can talk about parenting. But where you won't find tons of information on prenatal care, you'll find plenty of discussion about vacation planning, finding single men and plenty of celebrity gossip. Sound interesting?

Hot Moms Club is certainly not for everyone. While Hot Moms Club probably won't peak the interest of many men (unless they're single and on the prowl, perhaps), it will appeal to mothers in search of a new identity or those who may just need a little more excitement. The founders, Jessica Denay and Joy Bergin, are mothers themselves, and the site reflects their style and affinity for being hip.

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