Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Parents

Raising Them
Raising Them
Raising Them
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Frustrated at the difficulty of coordinating play dates and finding activities for their children to do, the founders of Raising Them designed a social networking site for parents to bring families with similar interests together. Raising Them focuses on networking families in close proximity with the hopes of building relationships where people can interact online and even in person.

Users are the strength of Raising Them. Social networking is at the very core of the site. Members create groups and invite other users to join in hopes of creating larger, more diverse user groups. The size of the user groups is often determined by the location of the primary users. For instance, a user group in Manhattan may have more members than a group somewhere in Montana.

Raising Them members sometimes choose to get together and meet in person. This is an advantage of Raising Them, as play dates for children can be fun for kids, but not so fun for parents. Social networking on Raising Them promotes families to search for other users with similar interests in hopes that parents can meet and enjoy each other's company while their children play.

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